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Shoot Your Shot is a hands-on interactive mobile photography program created by Photographer Christopher Allen in Houston, TX. Shoot Your Shot is a workshop & program that teaches kids the basic fundamentals of mobile photography and the power of the story telling through technology.


Smartphones have become an essential part of our everyday lives and it is important that we teach our kids how to effectively utilize them as digital resources. Shoot Your Shot also encourages students to pursue their dreams and give new hobbies a try. 


Mobile photography education is open for all ages. Our program has been curated to also use mobile photography education to address the importance of positive self image, positive images on social media, and confidence building. 


Christopher Allen


Our Goal

  • Teach students the basic fundamentals of mobile photography & storytelling through mobile technology. 

  • Inspire students to consider careers in technology and entrepreneurship 

  • Prepare students to successfully thrive in a world filled with creative content  

  • To use mobile technology to address self image, self esteem, self branding, and online bullying.  

  • Teach students how their mobile phones when used correctly can make them the most powerful people in the room.

  • To empower a new generation of content creators and encourage creativity 



  • By learning a new skill set students can take their skills with them for the rest of their lives 

  • Builds confidence and self-awareness 

  • Addresses the ongoing problem of online bullying and empowers students to learn a skill that’s productive 

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  • Kids ages 8-17 years of age 

  • Mobile photography education is open for all ages but our program has been tailored for students under 18. We have included topics such as online bullying, self-portraits, and self-images

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