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⦁    Learning the Fundamentals - In this section, students will be taught the fundamentals of mobile photography. This includes understanding lighting principles, mobile camera limitations, and creative shooting styles. 

⦁    Behind the Filter – In this self portrait project students will learn how to create and produce the perfect self portrait. Each student will be taught how to use their cameras to capture their fellow student’s portrait. 

⦁    “Pic” Your Friends – Discussing Healthy Friendships
In this section, we will use our smartphones to tell stories and discuss online bullying. In 2022, bullying is no longer just in person; it occurs far beyond the hours of school and online.  

⦁    Lights, Camera, Action – (Discussing being productive and prepared to perform)

⦁    Shooting Your Shot - In this section, students will use all their newly learned skills to photograph an event. The goal for this section is to encourage students to “own” the room and add value to the room. 

⦁    “Who am I Behind The Filter” 
Students will learn the difference between filters for fun and creativity. 

⦁    Selfies + Self Portraits  

⦁    Honesty + Authenticity - the art of story telling from behind the lens

⦁    Opportunities + Overcoming Obstacles - How to deal with life when life hands you lemons. 

⦁    Technology Trends - Learn how to be the first to recognize and take advantage of technology trends. Learn how to use mobile applications to enhance your photos. 
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